Sunday, 29 July 2012



Being motivated is a great effort. Our drive is persistently forcing us to think negative aspect of our future. But there is a gap between success and failure. That gap I named is 3L “Three L” 1) lack of confidence, 2) lack of interest & 3) lack consistency.
     It is the common practice of the youth that they keep on going on the mercy of temperament. Selecting the purpose for their lives, without acknowledging skills & interests can be a disaster, Results in frustration & dissatisfaction. The preliminary step that has to be taken is to be acquainted with the purpose of life and then assigning the available resources prudently. Set your purpose according to your interest & satisfaction rather than setting goals according to the available resources, put efforts and obtain the required resources.
          There is a saying that “No one can Motivate you until & unless u wanted to motivate you self” there is a direct connection between satisfaction and motivation. If a person satisfied by his or her purpose he can be easily motivated towards it. The point to be noted is “SELECT THE RIGHT PURPOSE”.
          Confidence can never be a justification beside success, there is a saying “Don’t complain; just work harder.” via Chris Grosser, never frightened with the lack of confidence but try to discover the solutions to fill the gap. Keep consistent with the purpose. Don’t think that you have no resources to achieve your goal, but you have to think the other way, you can say that you have goal to obtain the resources. The day when you start thinking irrationally, you will develop a new disposition inside yourself and that is the motivated person ready to struggle for the accomplishment.
               Ending with few judicious words that “Don’t wait for the opportunities try and formulate your efforts, and success will be yours” Via (Saad Chhotani).

             “Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do” Via (Orison Swett marden)