Wednesday, 1 August 2012

GIVE & GAIN RESPECT By:Saad Chhotani


What is respect? We solicit this question several times, but we never consider, why respect? Respect is a state of treating peoples exactly the ways we want to be treated by other. Let it be fairly simpler. Why we eat bread with butter? Because bread with out butter will taste dry or not expedient to swallow with pleasure, there fore butter plays a very imperative part in increasing the taste of bread. As the butter plays a crucial part in moderating the flavor of the bread. Same theory undergoes with the taste of other’s behavior when you give respect, you get the healthier and sound outcomes.
                  As we have discussed regarding the importance of respect, there is a very important term called self respect, usually people with less skills and qualities found themselves in the state of loneliness, bitterness, negative behavior and low self esteem that results in low self respect. Self respect is some thing that we have to build up; it cannot be easily obtained, so here are simple tips to develop a vigorous self respect.
Tip 1) Ask yourself a simple question, who are the people you respect in your life? After thinking of a few of the people you respect a list of desired personal traits that resulted in this respect will come to your mind. This list of traits is what you need to go after if you want to gain self respect. If for example, you found that you respect someone because he has deep knowledge about something then following his foot steps will result in letting you respect yourself more.
Tip 2) especially for the students who think that they have no respect among their cliques and friends, don’t have to be bothered any more. Give less time to your friends, become scarce like a diamond to increase your value. If some one of your friend make fun of yours be cool, give a smile and don’t try to give any impulsive response, and maintain your self calm, that practice will give them sense of embarrassment & ashamed for their selves. Start making new friends it will help you to acquire preference over your friends. The most important obsession that we have to adopt and develop is to; keep your private life, well private. Rather than making very close friends, just make friends, this pattern will benefit you to keep your secrets and saves you from self exploitation. Make sure that you are not inferior than others no one is inborn perfect, if anybody realizes you to be inferior that person can be dodgy for you and it’s an advice that you should give space to those peoples. And start living your life in your own style. Ending with a very simple but the most valuable quote, “No one can deprive your self-respect until and unless you let go your respect your self” Via (Saad Chhotani)
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